About London & the UK

Voglio riportarvi l’estratto di un booklet introduttivo all’Universita’ di Northumbria, diretto in particolare agli studenti stranieri.

Una pagina si chiama appunto About London & UK. Ecco cosa viene riportato:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions or help
  • In the UK it’s polite to hold doors open for people (even strangers)
  • Stairs and escalators: stand on the right, walk down on the left
  • Smiling at people is polite and friendly
  • Everyone waits their turn and queues
  • Saying thank you, no thanks, sorry, excuse me and please are common please, use them regularly
  • The weather can be changable…
  • Walk with your head up and look around, there is so much to see

Sarebbe bello avere qualcosa di simile in Italia.
Voi cosa ci scrivereste?

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