Occhio alle truffe su Gumtree

Ieri ho trovato un annuncio troppo bello per essere vero, era uno studio flat in Shoreditch a 165£ a settimana.

Fin da subito la cosa mi è puzzata, però per togliermi lo sfizio ho contattato l’autore per maggiori dettagli.

Eccovi la mail di risposta, non penso ci sia bisogno di commentare nulla.

Fatevi due risate, e sempre attenti mi raccomando!

My name is Julia Gerlach and I just got an e-mail regarding your interest in my apartment .
Why is the price so low? I have just divorced from my husband (after confessed that he had fallen in love with another woman, I decided to divorce), and I had to move to Munich ,Germany. I don’t want to sell the apartment because I have a 12 years old daughter who will come to study in England high school and college. So all that I want to do now is to rent the apartment to some nice and responsible persons, who will take good care of the apartment for the next years. I have won the apartment after the sharing of the of marital properties. I am the single owner, the apartment is fully paid and there is no legal problem. The apartment is unoccupied since I no longer live there.
I would like to know more details about yourself : How old are you, if you are married, if you have a pet, if you have a car, occupation etc.. I love pets and they are welcome in the apartment. You should also know that I appreciate the sincerity.
In addition to the rest, here is some information about myself and about the apartment, so we knew a little more.
The apartment is exactly like in the pictures, fully furnished, fully equipped, so you won’t need anything to move in (you can also bring your own things furniture if you have). It has been recently renovated.
The monthly rent is 640 pounds (for the whole apartment) with utilities (water, electricity, internet, cable, one parking space) – INCLUDED. You can rent the apartment for an indefinite period, but for a minimum period of two months.The security deposit is also 640 pounds, and you get it back, when you decide to leave the apartment (you will have to give me at least 30 days notice).
About myself, I am 35 years old, single woman, and as mentioned above I am living in Munich ,Germany.
If you agree and you are decided to rent the apartment i am are ready to make a trip to England and meet you in a city acceptable for both of us. If this is agreeable to you please include your location in your next reply.I appreciate your interest in my apartment and I’m looking forward to our future collaboration and friendship.

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