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Intervista #10 – Laura, Business Consultant from Frankfurt

Hi Laura, can you tell us about yourself and what brought to London? 

Thank you for having me here. I think it is important that people think twice before moving to another country and I am happy to tell you about my move from Frankfurt/ Germany to London.

I am 29 years old and I was born in Frankfurt/ Germany were I spent nearly my whole life. The only time I left home for longer than a month was when I was studying in the Basque Country for a semester.

After some months in the UK what is your impression of living in England? pro and cons compared to Germany?
London is much bigger than Frankfurt and has a lot more to offer. You could visit a different pub every evening for three years in a row and you could have tried at least 267 beer brands during that journey. And this is just one statistic to prove the existing varieties regarding foods, drinks and cultural institutions. O
On the CONTRA side would be the fact that most of London’s residents moved here because of their jobs so what you do and for whom you do it is a very often discussed topic. This can become boring but keeps you focused which isn’t that bad I guess. Continue reading Intervista #10 – Laura, Business Consultant from Frankfurt