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  • Thick Skin – qualcuno non facile da offendere o fare arrabbiare
  • To Be Au Fait With Something – ne sai qualcosa, sei aggiornato riguardo a…
  • A Red Herring – digressione / deviazione dal obiettivo principale
  • Have your ear to the ground – essere aggiornati e informati su qualcosa
  • At snail’s pace – passo di lumaca

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  • I can’t make head or tail of it – non capirci nulla
  • Like chalk and cheese – sembrano simili ma in realtà sono molto diverse
  • Touch wood – toccare ferro
  • Give it all you got – dare tutto
  • Round the clock – qualcosa che accade all day and night
  • Like talking to a brick of wall – parlare al muro
  • Wishy – Washy – persona indecisa
  • Have time on your hands – to have extra time when you have nothing that you must do . To have more than enough time to fulfil all your obligations
  • Bigwig – very important person
  • Kowtow – to act in a very servile and submissive way towards somebody
  • Nerve-racking or nerve-wracking – situazione stressante
  • One track mind – to always be talking and thinking about the same thing
  • Miss the boat – perdere un’occasione
  • In the sticks – in the countryside
  • Hold your own – cavarsela. to do as well as everyone else. Not super good not super bad in something. Our product holds its own in the market…
  • like nobody’s business –  very rapidly, quickly, extremely
  • To a T – alla perfezione. he arrived at 5 o’clock to a/the T, that jacket suit you (down) to a T, shoes fit like a T
  • Know the ropes – Conoscere come le cose funzionano e come vanno (al lavoro)
  • Show the ropes – insegnare come fare qualcosa
  • Give something a whirl –  provare qualcosa / give it a try

Idiomi e modi di dire inglesi (2)

Jump the gun – fare le cose prematuramente, troppa fretta
At The Drop Of A Hat – immediately
Cut Corners – do something in the easiest, quickest, or cheapest way, often harming the quality of your work Sweet Fanny Adams – absolutely nothing
Steal – Slip away – andarsene di soppiatto da una festa o da una situazione
Hopping (jump on one foot) mad – incazzarsi
Flag someone-something down – fargli segno di fermarsi
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Idiomi e modi di dire inglesi

Pull one’s socks up – tirarsi su le maniche
Knuckle sandwich – un pugno
Flabbergasted – astonished, amazed
Mull over – think about for a long time
Pin something on somebody – dare la colpa a un altro
Daylight robbery – una rapina, cose troppo costose Continue reading Idiomi e modi di dire inglesi