Traduzioni CV in Tedesco!!

Sono lieto di annunciare il Servizio Consulenza CV in lingua TEDESCA!

Segue una breve intervista alla mia collaboratrice e collega, Laura:

I am Laura, 30 years old and a Business Consultant in London, where I now live for nearly a year.
My first serious job after university was a position as a Business Development Manager for a huge telecommunications company. I got promoted really quickly and worked as an an Account Manager for nearly 3 years before I decided to give my career another twist.

I was very clear about the idea to move to another country to experience the world outside my known remits. I spent nearly my whole life in Frankfurt (I studied abroad but was never longer away than one year) and I felt that a new environment could give me the right impulses for my professional development.

This plan became more and more vivid when I started to feel unsatisfied at work. My company, which was a us american driven company, didn’t support any professional or personal development and had very bad benefits. I also had my boyfriend living in London for 3 years already so it was logical step to search for something new in London. After a short searching period I got to know my current employer the owner of a boutique consultancy . He was looking for a Project Manager and after some meetings I moved to London to start my new position and my new life.

On another note, can you tell us about the German market and how having a proper CV impact your job hunting process?

Germany is a very traditional market. Besides probably at the supercool Tech Start Ups (there aren’t nearly as many as just in London as a city not to speak about the entire UK) it is not appropriate to call your boss by her/ his first name for example, is to say: Germans are very formal and so should your CV be. Sometimes it is difficult to ‘keep it simple’ and especially if German is not your mother tongue the quality of your CV can drop from top (obviously because of the content) to flop (because of the wrong format or language) very quickly.

How can you help LeaveItaly readers?

I can help you to find the right format and shape your content to make it more attractive for the German market.  I am fluent in German, Spanish and English and have a intermediate level Italian. I can either review your existing German CV and give you some advise on opportunities for improvement or translate it into German from scratch.

Che aspettate?
Scriveteci per tradurre il vostro CV o Cover Letter e trovare lavoro in Germania/Austria!

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