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Traduzioni CV in Tedesco!!

Sono lieto di annunciare il Servizio Consulenza CV in lingua TEDESCA!

Segue una breve intervista alla mia collaboratrice e collega, Laura:

I am Laura, 30 years old and a Business Consultant in London, where I now live for nearly a year.
My first serious job after university was a position as a Business Development Manager for a huge telecommunications company. I got promoted really quickly and worked as an an Account Manager for nearly 3 years before I decided to give my career another twist.

I was very clear about the idea to move to another country to experience the world outside my known remits. I spent nearly my whole life in Frankfurt (I studied abroad but was never longer away than one year) and I felt that a new environment could give me the right impulses for my professional development.

This plan became more and more vivid when I started to feel unsatisfied at work. My company, which was a us american driven company, didn’t support any professional or personal development and had very bad benefits. I also had my boyfriend living in London for 3 years already so it was logical step to search for something new in London. After a short searching period I got to know my current employer the owner of a boutique consultancy . He was looking for a Project Manager and after some meetings I moved to London to start my new position and my new life.

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